Vidyadaan will diligently follow business ethics & stay committed to core values and provide transparent, reliable & comparable financial reports to ensure transparency

Work with gender senstivity
Work with compassion, love and empathy
Promote meritocracy and assist the needy
Work with transparency and accountability
Comply with all regulatory requirements


To identify and assist 50000 students to acquire skills or education by 2021.To facilitate and provide financial assistance to educational institutes in need of sponsorship for students, to train teachers, to improve the infrastructure, to conduct Career Guidance Programs, etc..


VIDYADAAN TRUST believes in the transformative power of education. We believe in the national vision for the 21st century that envisions India as a knowledge society, a society capable of both creating theoretical knowledge of global significance and then materially benefitting from it; a society where pursuit of learning and innovation should not be constrained by any lack of access, infrastructure or support; where education is relevant to society and provides the skills and competencies that society demands. Contine reading