VIDYADAAN TRUST believes in the transformative power of education. We believe in the national vision for the 21st century that envisions India as a knowledge society, a society capable of both creating theoretical knowledge of global significance and then materially benefitting from it; a society where pursuit of learning and innovation should not be constrained by any lack of access, infrastructure or support; where education is relevant to society and provides the skills and competencies that society demands.

We believe that investing in education to provide easy access to the needy students, opportunities for the teachers to enhance their skills and the infrastructure for the needy students should be based on a scientific analysis. We believe that the deployment of CSR funds from the Corporate houses, donations from the philanthropists and also projects undertaken by Social organisations like Rotary should be based on a holistic assessment of a school’s and all the stakeholder’s needs.

We have implemented a year-long process called “PARIVARTAN”, to undertake a comprehensive assessment of needy Schools. The assessment is done through an analysis of historic data points of the entire educational process of a school and uses Predictive Analytics, to transform effectively the school to enhance Student’s Achievement, Teacher’s Competence, Parent’s Engagement and Institutional processes.

Parivartan is a year-long process to help all the stakeholders in the school’s space, to enhance the reputation and success of schools by improving the student’s achievement, teacher’s performance and parent’s engagement. Kindly pass it on to Corporate Houses which are keen on adding value to the Educational processes and make a lasting difference in the lives of less privileged students through the CSR funds.

Parivartan, the process would help in analysing the infrastructural needs of an institution, the training needs of the teachers, the academic support needed for the students and help the parents understand the talents and limitations of their children.

A large no of schools and students can be put through this process and the impact would be life-changing as the funds can be deployed judiciously to make a meaningful difference in the lives of many students.

Vidyadaan is a service model based on the principle of crowdsourcing: to connect any philanthropic individual, foundation or a company with needy and deserving students. We would facilitate deployment of the donations or CSR funds in Govt or Govt aided institutions to build infrastructure, train teachers and guide students towards careers to achieve lifelong success.


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