Enlistment procedure

Colleges offering courses to pursue higher education and institutes offering skills training will be expected to meet three critical criteria, viz, Longevity, Reputation and Commitment to participate in the Vidyadaan education programmes.

Longevity – Must have been in existence for atleast ten years and should possess a vibrant alumni netowrk

Reputation – Must have good facilities for research and a good NAAC / NBA rating

Commitment – Must commit institutionally and express their interest to partipicate in the Vidyadaan’s programmes. Must be willing to subject itself to due dilegence to be conducted by Vidyadaan to participate in the programmes. Must submit the students’ performance report at periodic intervals and if required by Vidyadaan at other times also.

The procedure would be as follows

Expression of interest to participate in the Vidyadaan education programmes

Due Diligence by Vidyadaan for an administrative fee

Submission of students performance at regular intervals to study the impact and report to grantees