Knowledge Council

Vidyadaan will be guided by learned academicians and educational administrators who would form part of a Knowledge Council. Vidyadaan would benefit from the experience of these stalwarts to understand the finer nuances of education system and administration.

Members of the Council

Prof.A.G.Rao, Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay

1Prof Rao did his graduation in Mechanical Engineering and was one of the founding teachers at NID, Ahmedabad. He has spent 9 months in U.S.A. as a UNESCO Fellow at M.I.T (Cambridge, Massachusetts) and other places  studying creativity  in 1980

He has been teaching at IDC, IIT – Bombay since 1970 till date and has guided more than 150 projects for the post graduate design students.

Prof. Rao has conducted workshops on Design, Creativity, Product Innovation, Experiential learning and Bamboo craft to different groups like School children, school teachers, village craft-persons, college students, designers and engineers in  companies like Honey Well, Whirlpool international, etc., in India and in NTU Singapore, Hyperwerk,Basel,Switzerland.



Dr.GNM Dixit, Former Regional Quality Manager, Edexcel

1Dr.G.N.M.Dixit, is a post graduate in Mathematics from the University of Mysore and a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore is very passionate about institutionalizing ‘managing quality’ in the instruction and the institutional management who started his professional career as a teacher of Engineering Mathematics in an engineering college in Mysore, Karnataka. His understanding of quality is ‘fitness for purpose’ as defined by J.M.Juran, and the purpose becomes tangible if vision and mission for an institution are clear to all concerned. Following William Edwards Deming he believes in communicating the ‘Purpose’ across the institution including instruction and the administrative functionaries so that the two organs work in tandem for the realization of the purpose as the derivative of the vision.

As the outcomes of this total experience in the form of tangible results he could achieve: Rejuvenating a sick polytechnic, developing Edexcel centres in his region for quality assurance, developing assessment and quality assurance for a vast system with learning centres across India, developed curriculum frame work for Higher Secondary Education for an Asian nation outside India, quality manual for a management institute, and training the trainers in India and overseas.