VIDYADAAN would employ Education Analytics in Govt and Govt Aided Schools and help in analysing the infrastructural needs of an institution, the training needs of the teachers, the academic support needed for the students and help the parents understand the talents and limitations of their children.

VIDYADAAN would also offer its services to manage the

CSR Activity Management Services in compliance with the Sec 135 of the Companies Act 2013

Literacy Activities of Social Organisations

Sponsorship Management Services for Philanthropists / High Net worth Individuals

Events sponsored by Alumni in their Almamater

Natives sponsored events in their hometowns/regions

Skills Training Management Services

The service offered would be primarily in the area of education and would be to facilitate and provide career guidance by conducting thorough education analytics of the performance of students.

It would also include providing easy access to quality education to the needy, train the teachers and provide infrastructure. The service would cover beneficiary selection, impact monitoring, mentor the students to an appropriate career path, develop leadership and inculcate the spirit to give it back after attaining success.

Education/skills development projects can be tailored to meet the individual needs of the CSR objectives of different corporates.

An administrative fee would be collected from the grantee organisations/individuals to sustain the activities. The fee would be needed to sustain the efforts to offer administrative support, prepare compliance reports, conduct impact studies and monitor & evaluate the beneficiaries to ensure the maximum benefit is delivered.

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